Providing quality lamination and foiling services since 2005

Obtaining the right finish for various types of objects has never been easier. At Foiling Services we completely dedicate ourselves to the provision of high quality foiling and lamination work. We offer these to commercial and independent clients, and have done so with excellent standards in mind for almost a decade. After all these years, we continue to grow strong. This is thanks to our enthusiastic dedication and commitment to the trade. As well as this is our consistent inclusion of new technologies and materials to work with.

Foiling Services is trusted by many

foiling servicesBy using our services, many clients have been able to acquire the results they were looking for. Our company can embellish and/or customise a variety of items. In the retail world for example, how you present your product is of great importance. We have worked with many distributors and direct sellers to create point of sale displays. These are striking, have expert finishes, and fit the brand to perfection.

Our lamination and foiling services serve a variety of purposes. For instance, they are great for providing an aesthetically beautiful finish to various types of items. On top of this, we can help increase durability and functionality. The latter can often times be the turning point to ensuring success. Each item we work with is different. As such, the materials they are made of must be taken into consideration when choosing the coating to be applied. It is also important to consider the thickness before work starts. The aspects of the product’s destination (indoor or outdoor use for example) as well as its composition are also important. These will help determine the most suitable type of sheet to use.

Work with the best for your needs

If you have a prototype in mind you’d like to see become a reality, this is not a problem. You’ll be glad to know our machines are able to vacuum form specific shapes. Contact us now if you want to discuss your project and needs. We will be able to offer advice on the type of work that best suits the purpose.