The foiling and lamination solutions you need

Lamination services offer many advantages when you work with thermoplastics. It gives you the ability to change the physical appearance of the material without losing its characteristics. You can choose a strong plastic and laminate it with a metallic or wood grain finish. This can completely transform the product very easily. There are also economic benefits. This is because you can use a cheaper substrate and a more costly looking top layer to keep costs down.

Laminating your items comes with advantages

Laminates provide several different benefits. This includes improving water and chemical resistance, offering scratch proofing and the aforementioned decoration. In the majority of cases you only need a very thin laminate to achieve the benefits you want. This is because the material will be very strong and self supporting.

What about foil?

lamination servicesFoiling is very similar to lamination. But, it can produce a beautiful mirror finish rather than the brushed, timber or matte looks. With either option, you have the flexibility to decide how you want the finished piece to look. You are able to select the best one for your needs.

Lamination and foiling takes a great deal of care and precision. This is important if you want to get a smooth, even finish. You need to add the protective layer slowly and ensure there are no air bubbles or other flaws. Any mistakes and you’ll ruin the whole product and have to start all over again. This results in higher costs, delays and other potential issues. Thermoplastics can be challenging to laminate or foil. You need to make sure the substrate material isn’t affected, especially if you use a hot technique. The right adhesive is also needed so the materials can form a strong bond. This is why it’s important to use a company with plenty of skill and experience in foiling and lamination services.

Foiling Services – A team of dependable professionals

We are a well established company providing a wide variety of quality foiling and lamination services. We can offer bespoke solutions to all of our clients. Whatever thermoplastic you are working with, we can help you to choose the right protective layer. This will help ensure the product has the characteristics you need. On top of this you’ll have the choice of colour and finish.