Preserving hot foil machines

Whenever someone requires foiling services, they come to us. Those who have experience working with us previously know we are the most trustworthy name in the industry. Our team is capable of helping clients with their designs. If you already have one, then we can still carry out our work to the highest standards.

When using equipment to fashion hot foil designs, you will want to keep the machines in top shape. Regular servicing and cleaning is vital to preserving them. There are other pieces of advice out there you can use as well.

Cleaning products

Cleansing the body’s main press demands no specialist solutions or liquids. Standard household furniture polish is adequate. All you have to do is spray this onto a soft cloth and wipe any foil dust or grime away gently. Don’t spray the polish onto the actual press.

For the moving components, a 3 in one oil product is preferable. Make certain you use this sparingly however as using too much can result in a mess.

Cleaning the dies

foiling servicesKeeping the dies clean is also essential, especially copper and magnesium ones. For the latter, the recommendation is to use a soft show brush to deal with paper debris. If you use another method, it could round the edges on your block. Here, the letters can appear less sharp.

Copper dies require a moderately harder clean due to them being made of a stronger metal. What you should do is employ a glass fibre brush to get rid of those small imperfections on the exterior. This will aid you in making sure the foil finish has a consistent high quality.

At Foiling Services, we make it a point to take care of our own equipment. If we were to allow it to fall into a terrible state, it would not produce the right kind of results. This is something we would not allow.

When everything is up and running, we have all we need to meet any challenge. Anyone who requires our foiling services can contact us anytime they like. We can discuss your plans and decide what option is best for you.