Overcoming common issues with lamination

Lamination services have numerous benefits, including protecting items and enhancing their aesthetics. But, you can encounter issues when an item goes through the process. This tends to happen due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Luckily, we know how to overcome some of the more common issues people face when laminating items.

The film won’t stick

This happens a lot with digital print due to the composition of the ink and because of how it bonds to the adhesive. When the ink coverage is denser, it is harder for the film to stick. Make sure you are using the right films as they react to different inks, stocks, and machines. You may even need encapsulation film. You should also turn the machine on early so that it can heat up – cold spots won’t melt the adhesive. In addition, make sure that the ink has cured to avoid sticking.

The print won’t lie flat

It is normal for there to be a little print curl after encapsulating. It should resolve when you gently smooth it. If it doesn’t, adjust the laminator tension as using the same one for the top and bottom film can cause problems. This is because the bottom one will stretch more during lamination and tighten more when cooling. Curling can also occur when you use a heavy film on one side and a thin one on the other, so make sure you use the right film on both sides.

There are bubbles under the film

Bubbling tends to be a combination of different factors. Try adjusting the feed spool tension as when it is insufficient, air can become trapped. The correct tension will depend on the film. For example, when the film is thicker, the tension must be higher.

The right lamination services

lamination servicesWith us on your side taking care of your laminating needs, there isn’t any cause for concern. We have had the pleasure to take on many of these jobs. As a result we are aware of how to operate the tools and know how to obtain desirable results. Our approach begins with carefully analysing the item you want us to work with to ensure we do the best job possible.

You won’t have to worry about delays or wasting film and items when you use Foiling Services. If you are looking for first class lamination services, you can always count on us. Reach out to discuss the needs of your items and how we can help you.