How much potential is there with foil blocking?

How much potential is there with foil blocking?

Foiling services are more popular than you might believe. You are right in thinking they can offer your products a look that aids them in standing out. However, they are capable of more than this. With metallic foil, it is possible to work with a wider number of surface types. In other words, you have more options and fewer limitations on what you can do.

Foil blocking is one of the numerous foiling techniques that exist. It provides a metallic finish over larger or fine sections. This is up to B2 size. When you use it, this kind of service can fabricate something particularly special.

Lots of choice with foiling services

foiling servicesUsers are free to pick gloss or matt in silver, gold, and other colours. In addition, you can optionally make your foiled section stand out using blind embossing. It is usually appropriate for coated and laminated exteriors in addition to uncoated too.

A vast array of finishes and colours are available, ranging from metallics to pastels. There are even valid or void holographic or hologram foils.

Foil blocking is incredibly efficient with gloss or matt foils. Not to mention, you are able to augment the effects. For brilliant colour and opaque coverage, foil blocking is unmatched.

Due to its shimmering highlights and contrasting surface textures, it can spark anticipation within a business communication. Moreover, it can breathe life into static designs.

The foil blocking process

In order to fashion a foil blocked image, you must feed an ultra thin polyester film into a press. Said film needs to carry a foil pigment. It is here where you press a die of the image against the paper. It traps the film in between. As you apply the pressure to the paper and the heat to the die, the pigment or foil gets released. As a result it attaches to the paper.

You need crisp, black and white line art

foilThe thing about foil blocking is that it must have crisp, black and white line art. Designs that possess tight latter spacing or complicated patterns have the ability to attain crisp results on smooth or coated paper stocks. Yet, foils are able to bridge across compact spaces. Because of this, fine detail may have trouble clearly reproducing on paper stocks that have heavy textures.

Depending on paper finish and colour, foils could show up lighter or darker when applied. There is a way of being sure of colour appearance. You simply need to ask for a proof of the preferred foil on the paper specified before the project happens.

Be careful printing over certain inks

You need to make special considerations for foils you are going to block over printed surfaces. The majority of contemporary coatings and inks shall accept this technique. Some can come with obstacles though. Therefore, it is beneficial to assess substances for compatibility before you do anything else. If in doubt, you can contact our people, as they specialise in foiling services.

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