Physical marketing is still going strong

Physical marketing is still going strong

business cardsIf you require lamination services, you should know we are the most popular business in the UK. The solutions we provide benefit thousands of clients. This includes those from restaurants as well as people belonging to international corporations. Our service is very broad so we can cater for many needs.

Physical marketing goods are among the items we commonly laminate. Anyone who thinks marketing like this is not important with all our technology around is wrong. It can still offer lots of benefits.

Paper is not obsolete

We do live in an age where most things are turning digital. However, good old paper has not become obsolete. This is very true when we are talking about business. It is undeniable that an online campaign and a great email are both effective. Downplaying the importance of your physical marketing is something you should avoid though. From handing out flyers at promotional functions to creating the perfect business card, print can help you go the distance.


People still use flyers to advertise all kinds of things. In fact this is one of the oldest methods of marketing, dating back to the invention of the printing press back in the 15th century. Having something a consumer can hold will generate an impact that is more tangible. Additionally, there are nearly limitless ways for you to reach audiences using these materials. Each of these can boost awareness of your brand. Add a special offer or discount and you shall give people even more of a reason to retain them.


If your aim is to display everything your business can provide, then you may want to use a brochure instead. When they are high quality, brochures rank among the best marketing tools. This is because of the sheer amount of detail they can hold. They can be prospectuses, portfolios, catalogues, and event guides. You can use them to display information in both a digestible and visually engaging format. To protect your brochures, rely on our lamination services.

Business cards

business cardsAs for business cards, you can’t take away the joy of creating a high quality design. This will stay the same regardless of how digital our world becomes.

A compact but potent object, this card could be the first impression an individual has of you and your company by extension. See to it that yours isn’t boring. You have the choice to go beyond regular paper and select a magnetic or textured stock. This can make the design more intriguing.

Taking your materials to an exhibition

Those who want to really get stuck in with networking their products should go to an exhibition. This is one place where your physical marketing must impress no matter what. Regardless of where you set up, you need to make your business shine above the rest of the crowd. When it comes to the presentation, make sure you don’t restrict yourself.

Use our lamination services

At Foiling Services, we have a large number of coatings for clients to choose from. This allows you to pick something that suits your needs. We can even offer advice, helping you select an option to suit your goals.

If you are currently thinking about using our service, let us offer you a consultation. Our advice can assist you in making the right choices. For the finest lamination services, please give us a call. Alternatively, send us an email or use our contact form.