Should I use digital foil printing for my brochures?

Should I use digital foil printing for my brochures?

Our business is able to provide everyone with decorative foiling services. We do this for a wide array of industries and markets. The team here spends its time introducing our merchandise to all sorts of materials. In addition to reel and sheet material, we can work with profiles. So, if you need to add a special touch to an item, rely on us.

Digital foil printing differs quite a lot from classic block foil printing. Today, we are going to look more at the former. However, you should know that both techniques shall leave printed goods with metallic, shiny accents. In other words, there is no wrong choice. Classic block printing is the most popular of the pair though.

The differences

Foiling servicesWhat separates them is how they print. The effect you receive is also different. It is important to keep both in mind so you choose the right one to get the effect you want.

Standard foil printing consists of you applying metallic foil to cards or paper with heated plates. This results in the foiled elements becoming debossed and textured. You hot press the foil onto your paper stock or card.

As for digital printing, you don’t need plates. Instead, you print it straight from a computer file, so there are zero set up costs. Basically, it is the procedure of introducing foil to a printed design via a die. This foil sticks to your design permanently to fashion a shiny metallic finish.


One question people often ask about digital foiling services is whether it is the ideal pick for brochures. These are among the most effective marketing tools so it is understandable that people don’t want to make mistakes.

When you use digital printing in moderation, it can be an excellent pick for brochures. This is if you are attempting to sell yourself as a premium brand.

Digital foil printing’s benefits

What we are going to do now is discuss some of the advantages of the digital method in detail. Speed is one of them. The production times for the digital method are significantly lower than traditional foiling. The reason is that you don’t use plates or ink. So, if you have strict deadlines to keep, this may be the best option.

Digital printing gives you more options to work with as well. The technology and software you get with computers these days means that you are free to work with fewer restrictions. When using digital foil printing, it is possible to be increasingly intricate with your designs. At the same time, you can still use sophisticated printing strategies such as LED.


This is another benefit. During the planning stage for making brochures, you must work hard to make your products stand out from the rest. Anyone who uses digital foil printing won’t have to settle for a single design for each of their brochures.

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