Infeed waves and boat wake can cause you problems

The thing about lamination services is that not everyone knows of the benefits. If they did, these individuals would not hesitate to use them. Of course, you need a team of professionals to carry out work like this. Fortunately, we are some of the most skilful people in this area in the country.

One reason why you will want experts handling all of the laminating is because of the problems that can develop. Using our experience and training, we can prevent these concerns from getting in the way too much. The following are some of the most common problems you can encounter.

Infeed waves

These are mars in the final product that come from the distortion of the original image. This was before it went in for lamination. For example, there could be an inadequate level of tension when the image goes in. When this is the case, it can fold or shift once it enters the nib of the rolls.

If you are feeding an image into your laminator, see to it that it is parallel to the roll. As soon as it pulls in, grab the image’s back. From there, hold it taut to smooth out any wrinkles.

Boat wake

foiling servicesThis is another potential issue. It is an unacceptable ripple pattern that appears in a V shape on your print. The problem has several origins. For instance, you could be attempting to encapsulate a thick object. When doing so, the film’s edges that hang off the print’s sides won’t receive as much pressure. Consequently, they will start dragging behind, resulting in the ripple pattern.

At Foiling Services, we can accomplish a lot at our purpose built premises. Over the last ten years, we have become something of an authority on lamination services. As such, you can expect us to attend to any requirement no matter how complex it is.

If you want to start working with us, please get in touch. We have the skills to work on a wide variety of products and have access to lots of different films.