Making a better material with laminating services

Businesses all around the world invest a great deal in creating new materials. Their goal is to create ones that can offer the perfect array of characteristics to suit their needs or those of the end users. You can now find all kinds of composites that can provide better characteristics than their individual parts. Many of these are only possible because of cutting edge laminating services.


Laminating servicesMany composites are individual layers of materials that the manufacturer glues together. There can then be a final outer layer of laminate to provide extra protection for the substrate.

While it may not seem like it, the layers of different materials can be immensely effective. It can create a new composite that has characteristics that solid materials don’t have. For example, there are composites that are just as strong as metals but with more durability or fatigue resistance. A composite can provide the right properties for all kinds of needs.


There are many different options if you want this kind of composite. One of the materials that is very popular at the moment is CLT (cross laminated timber). This has layers of timber with a laminate finish that makes the material waterproof, scratch resistant, and stain proof. There are lots of options, including a huge array that have a thin top layer of wood to provide a pattern, colour, or grain.

Another option is fibreglass or GRP. There are all kinds of interesting products that feature layers of glass and plastic or fibre. For example, there are ladders and even things like hockey sticks. On top of this, many types of glass you see are actually a composite with a glass core and a laminate cover. This includes windscreens and bullet proof glass. The idea is the lamination will prevent scratching and shattering.

If that was not enough, you can find laminates that have plastic, fabric, and paper cores. Each of them has a protective laminate outer layer.

The best laminating services

With all of these materials, the quality and longevity depends on how good the lamination is. If it is not durable or lacks a strong bond, the outer layer can fail or peel away. This would then expose the substrate.

At Foiling Services, we have a huge amount of experience with laminating. We know how vital it is to get the right finish, ensuring it is reliable and smooth. Our team can achieve this with various materials. More importantly, we have access to a huge array of interior and exterior laminates from top manufacturers. That gives every client a huge amount of choice.

So, if you want to find out more about our laminating services, please get in touch. We take on all kinds of projects, from furnishings to flooring and doors.