Make sure you are using the right foils for your circumstances

People come to us when they need foiling services as we have proven ourselves to be among the best in the industry. Whenever we have a project, we always aim to exceed the client’s highest expectations. At the same time, we charge very reasonable rates for our services. As a result, you won’t have to spend too much with us.

foiling servicesProfessionals working in print and packaging design often contemplate the benefits of using cold foils in lieu of hot ones. The cold approach is not a full on replacement for its hot counterpart. Instead, it gives you the chance to expand your usage of foil into extra applications and markets. With hot foil, you stamp it into the surface using pressure and heat. On the other hand, you transfer cold foils onto an exterior as a flat application. The differences lead to special performance attributes and characteristics. If you are struggling between the two, the factors below might help you choose.

Schedule and budget

These are both huge considerations. Cold foiling tends to be faster than its hot alternative. With cold foil, you apply it on press before inks. Since there aren’t any dies, costs and tooling time go down. It could cost less too, but this depends on the layout logistics.


The next consideration is coverage. Your foiled image might only be on a small area of a sheet. If it is, then hot stamping is probably going to be more cost efficient. The reason for this is that you index foil in this procedure. If you are looking at moderate or even full coverage, then cold foils are normally superior. Speak to us if you are after the finest foiling services money can buy.

Production challenges

You should also consider any production challenges. The cold foil technique is not as efficient on dark, porous, or dry stocks. Hot foil stamping on the other hand excels on these in terms of brightness, opacity, and performance.

With embossing, you have to use hot foils. Cold foil is primarily a flat application. You can’t emboss it concurrently.

Visual characteristics

Hot foils and their brilliance might be unsurpassed. However, much work has been done with cold foil and their reflectivity. These days, it takes a keen eye to notice the differences. Another nuance present would be hot foils and their subtle dimensionality. They impart a premium feel against the complete flatness of cold ones.

We will meet your requirements for foiling services

At Foiling Services, we don’t restrict people to the normal foil shades when we work. This is because we use the broadest selection of materials and equipment. No matter what pattern or shade we are working with, we are capable of meeting your needs.

So, if you require our foiling services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can ask us about different foils, techniques, and what we can do to help you.