Lesser known printing procedures

Foiling servicesIt seems like everyone is after top quality foiling services these days. It is understandable why; they provide all sorts of items with an incredible appearance. Of course, if you want the benefits of foil, you need to work with the right provider. Having spent years working in this industry, we can give you the assistance you need.

Debossing, embossing, and foiling are typically the big three when it comes to printing. However, there is more to these procedures than the well known options. Follow us as we take a journey into the world of dies.

Brass debossing die

Brass is ideal for debossing. In addition, it can lend itself to foiling products. This includes things like case bound book covers. Here, you need a deeper impression and more pressure to get a decent foil image. You need that because of the steeper sides produced by the milling procedure on a die. It permits you to use the deepest blind deboss possible.

Combination debossing/emboss die

By employing this sort of die, it is possible to produce a deboss and emboss finish at the same time. You simultaneously produce the opposite effect on each side of the sheet. It happens because of the counterforce from the brass die. Speak to our team if you are after top quality foiling services.

Brass fluted combination die

People utilise this variety of die to emboss and foil in the same pass with one die. They gain a perfect registration of foil for them to emboss. It is especially good for longer runs.

Textured foiling dies

These permit you to use textured patterns within the die to produce distinct effects. This is instead of the normal flat finish. Dies like these can be useful if you are working on tickets, vouchers, or security stamping. It makes it easier to reproduce the patterns.

Sculptured embossing dies

With the help of grayscale imagery, it is possible to produce a multi-level or sculptured emboss. The lighter the area on your design, the lower your embossing will be. Then, if the shade is darker, it is going to be raised more.

The most competitive foiling services

We have built a reputation for offering high quality services for competitive prices so we make their advantages available to everyone. Sometimes, clients already have the ideal design in mind. Others ask us to use our skills to help them. Whatever the case, we make sure our solutions satisfy their needs.

So, if you would like to work with us, please give the team a call. Our foiling services are great for all kinds of needs, from creating iconic marketing materials to home decor. Feel free to ask us about anything if you are unsure about how they could benefit you.