Using laminating solutions to create stunning cladding

The number of applications for laminating services grows all the time. The basic idea of using a laminate to protect a substrate and enhance the aesthetics can apply to all kinds of products. For example it is great for furniture, flooring, and more. It has also become a very popular option for cladding.

With laminates it is possible to make products that are low cost but that look very similar to high quality real materials like timber and stone. As a result it can provide some big savings if you are thinking of how to clad walls. You can use these laminate panels inside and outside of a property to get the look you always wanted.

A huge choice of products

Laminating services

The greatest thing about laminating is there are so many amazing choices. For example you could choose glossy solid colour materials that look exactly like metals with a powder coating. Or, you can select a laminate that looks like any kind of timber. It can feature graining and even have a texture. There are also options that look just like different types of minerals, including marble.

You can be really creative with your choice of laminate cladding panels. There should be no reason not to use a material. For example the panelling will be lightweight because you are not using actual metal, stone or timber. Instead they are generally low weight boards with the laminate cover. This can also make them waterproof and offer good fire protection.

Maintenance advantages

People often have concerns about how much maintenance they will need to do when they choose cladding. The last thing they want is to have to spend a great deal of time cleaning and treating or retouching it. Luckily, laminate cladding is very low maintenance. A quick clean to get rid of any dirt and grime should be all it takes. There won’t be any other requirements.

Easy to install

Some people also worry about cladding in general because it can be tricky to install. Wood is generally the most flexible option and you can cut it to size to suit most needs. However, stone and metal sheets can be trickier. There are no concerns at all with laminate cladding. You can cut it to any size and shape. This should make it possible to add it to almost any surface, even non-standard architectural forms.

Choose the best laminating services for quality materials

The better the lamination, the better your cladding products will be. That is why we are a team you can rely on. We have a huge array of laminates, including the best exterior products on the market. More importantly, we apply them to various sheet materials with care. The final result will be high quality panels you can use in lots of locations.

So, if you need laminating services for any reason, from redecorating an office to making an exterior more attractive, choose us. You can get in touch to ask us any questions and for lots of useful tips.