Differences between wardrobe laminates and veneers

Laminating servicesMany people appreciate the benefits laminating services can bring. Something they like even more however is professional results. That is why so many come to us. Using our talents, we laminate all sorts of objects. The result is items that can stand out while also enjoying extra protection.

Sometimes it is a struggle picking the right surface material for a wardrobe. Laminates and veneers are both popular picks. It is a good idea to know the differences between the two so you don’t end up choosing the wrong one by mistake. To help you, we are going to discuss the differences here.


Let’s begin with appearance. We define laminates as machine-made sheets. They are created by bonding plastic resins and decorative papers. As for veneers, you make them using fine slices of wooden sheets. The manufacturer presses them onto plywood bases.

The fact of the matter here is that both options can provide you with a distinctive look. The main difference however is that laminates provide more protection. Please speak to us if you need top tier laminating services.


Speaking of protection, let’s talk about durability. Here laminate is definitely the smarter choice. Since laminates use plastic resin and decorative paper, they are far more durable. Moreover, they are incredibly resistant to scratches and stains. With veneers, the fact they have a thin timber exterior means they can be prone to scratches just like real timber.


Now we are going to move onto maintenance. Wardrobe laminates are not hard to maintain at all. You are able to clean them using water and ordinary soap.

Sadly, if you don’t maintain veneers correctly, they can deteriorate rapidly. It is essential that you don’t use abrasive cleaners. Instead, use water and mild soap. If there are any scratches, you will have to polish the surface.


Finally, we come to affordability. Laminates take the lead here too. Something that makes them an even better choice is that there is no need to compromise. This is true for both the aesthetics and quality.

Another detail is that you won’t need to worry about spending a lot of money on replacement or maintenance. This does more to make laminates the attractive choice when shopping for wardrobe surfacing.

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