Using beautiful wood grain foils

Timbers are a great option for decor, whether you are looking at furniture, fittings like doors or kitchen cupboards, or even artwork. The wide choice of options with timber means you can get really creative. For example you can choose lighter or darker shades to suit your needs. Plus you can get the unique look of different types of graining. The only downside is actual solid timber can get costly. Luckily, you can get a similar look for less with foiling services.

Why choose foil?

Foiling servicesAs we said just above, some timber can be expensive. You could save a great deal by choosing cheaper materials and then adding a foil layer to finish them. This is exactly what you see with a lot of flat pack furniture and doors. They have a cheaper substrate but a film finish to look like real wood. Some can be incredibly realistic so you can’t tell the difference.

There are also some cases when real timber would not be suitable. For example it might be a room like a kitchen or bathroom where the moisture is excessive. Foil is better here because it is waterproof. Moisture will therefore not be able to soak in, meaning there should not be any problems like warping.

Sometimes the weight of real timber can be a deal breaker. Once again using a foil can be the best option. It means the core of the product can be a lighter material. Then it can have a top layer that looks like solid wood.

Again some people steer away from timber because of the wearing. While they like the initial look, they may not be so happy with it if there are scratches and other damage. Luckily, foil is very durable and scratch resistant. It will last longer before showing signs of wear. Plus, it is cheaper to replace a foil layer than it is to restore or retreat a solid timber product.

Foiling services that suit your needs

As you can tell from our name, we are one of the leading specialists in our field. We set very high standards for every single project, whatever the specifications. The fact we use the highest quality foils and have access to reliable equipment means we can offer great results.

When it comes to timber foils in particular, we provide a broad range of options. They are suitable for various needs, from doors to flooring and even signs. Whatever kind of look you are trying to achieve, whether it is rustic or modern, we have a solution for you.

So, speak to us today if you have any need for foiling services or want to look at it as an alternative to using costly, more vulnerable materials. We can give you advice, including about the film selection and final look you can achieve.