Laminate on plastic not paper

Laminating servicesMore people are discovering just how useful laminating services can be. When performed correctly, this technique can provide your items with an excellent level of protection. Careful application can provide a smooth, even finish, making sure the laminate bonds properly without flaws like bubbles. We have the experience to give you these top quality results on lots of different projects.

For business and shop owners, lamination is an ever-present job. There always seems to be something to change, whether it is a new price list or new marketing materials. A card or poster with laminate could even begin to peel back on its corners. Many people get fed up with monotonous and inefficient work with re-lamination. What we are going to do is discuss the issues with traditional laminating. Moreover, we will be looking into how to make improvements.

Is the environment causing the problem?

In plant shops and supermarkets, laminate can begin peeling back thanks to higher moisture and humidity. Laminated price cards located in frozen areas can suffer greatly. Water droplets coming from the sides weaken the laminate’s adhesive strength. The film then peels away. It can peel for all sorts of other reasons too, including sunlight and constant handling.

Keeping up with the peeling

High calibre businesses will do what they can to keep up with their peeling laminates. Yet, other major issues like customers, finances, and stock maintenance take up time. You will work hard to preserve the quality. However, the shop’s most visually present components may not get the attention they need. These of course include the price cards, tags, and menus.

In one shop visit, each customer makes their choices after looking at things like price tags and menus. They are seeing hundreds of your items each time they shop. Having items that seem unprofessional or neglected undermines everything you are attempting to accomplish.


There is also the issue of cleaning that needs discussing. When selling fresh goods like meats, fruit, and vegetables, you will likely have the price card right next to them. Mould, dirt in the middle of peeling layers, and film discolouring all show a lack of sanitisation. To some customers, dirty cards act as a red flag to them.

If you could wash the cards, then it would solve the problem. This would just worsen the peeling on any that have some damage though. Re-laminating would be the only option.

Enhancing the lamination process

In order to enhance the lamination here, you need to print on plastic rather than paper. The entire reason for lamination is to make the price tags last longer and seem more professional. Paper is the problem here, not the process. For prioritising quality and saving on time, it is recommended that you laminate on plastic. Your cards shall end up being hygienic and easy to clean.

We are serious about our laminating services

At Foiling Services, we take our work very seriously. The reason for this is that laminating is much easier to get wrong than right. As such, we are very careful when handling our clients’ items. When we feel that lamination would not be appropriate for an item, we offer advice on other solutions.

So, if you need our assistance with laminating services, please don’t hesitate to ask us for it. We can also offer quotes and advice about different types of laminate.