How different are litho and digital printing?

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Foiling servicesInterestingly, advances in technology help the print industry to evolve. More ways of printing commercially are available today than ever before. As such, there are various options to pick from for your marketing materials. Digital and litho printing are two very common forms of print. If you have never heard of them until now, you won’t know what the differences are. There is no need to worry though, as we are going to cover this topic in detail.

Basic differences

The two are extremely different since litho printing utilises plates and wet ink. As for digital, only certain printers employ ink. Others make use of a toner on a press. This is not unlike how an office printer functions. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. However, they are a lot different to each other.

Print quality

This is critical, particularly if you intend to use products for marketing. While comparing the two techniques, litho printing normally edges it in terms of quality. Thanks to modern technology though, it is a lot harder to see the differences between the pair. Let us know if you are after the most professional foiling services money can buy; we can arrange them for you.


If yours is a design that demands a far amount of large blocks of solid colour, then litho printing is the better choice. The colour is going to come out far smoother than it would if you chose the digital method. This is particularly true if you use a very advanced drying technique such as LED UV.


Between the pair of printing methods, the print’s finish is also incredibly different. With litho, your ink soaks into the paper. When you use digital, the ink resides on the paper’s surface. This means your image could appear differently depending on the approach you use.

Paper uses

You will likely have to print on different forms of paper, including coloured and textured varieties. If so, then litho is the superior choice. Saying this, there is not a lot of difference between the pair when you work with uncoated, silk, or glossy paper. This is because both methods provide a high calibre print and decent coverage.

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