Laminate countertops can be better than solid marble

Marble has become one of the most popular materials for kitchens and bathrooms in the UK. It is a luxurious material and each piece is unique. However, there are some issues with using it. You should look at these to ensure you are ready for the maintenance and upkeep. If any of them deter you, you can choose laminating services instead to get a counter that looks like real marble but with none of the drawbacks.

What is it?

Before we jump into the potential issues, let’s take a quick look at what marble is. Most people will know it is a type of stone, however it is specifically metamorphic. That means it was originally a different type of rock (limestone) but heat, pressure, and other natural processes have transformed it. That gives us the marble. It is also the reason for the unique veining. That occurs because of the presence of other mineral deposits.

The problems with using it

Marble is quite a durable stone but it is not invulnerable. There are a number of things that can cause problems with it.


One of the main issues is the stone will react to acids. This can lead to etching and can create dull stains. In some cases they can blend in with the pattern, but in others they will be visible. A number of different things can result in etching on marble, including wine, citrus juice, and acidic cleaning products.

What you need to do to avoid the etching is keep acids off the surface. You should also take care to choose gentle, acid free cleaning products. A good rule is to only use cleaners you would trust on your hands.

Scratches and chips

Sadly marble is also prone to scratches and chips. Cutting directly on the surface, sliding or slamming down cookware, and even aggressive cleaning can cause wear.

Heat damage

Marble is known to have fair heat resistance but you do need to be careful. You should never put a hot pot or pan directly onto the surface. If you do, it can result in cracking. Instead you should place the cookware on a board to protect the surface. Plus, you can put it directly in the sink with water to cool it down after use.

It is also a good idea to avoid using marble near a stove top or as a backsplash here. The grease and splatters from cooking can cause a lot of etching. You also risk cracking because of the heat.

Think about laminating services

Laminating services

While real marble is a beautiful option, whether you choose a polished or honed surface, it may not be best for hard working kitchens. Here you may be better off choosing a countertop with a laminate cover. It can be a great way to get the aesthetics but with less worry about wear and upkeep. Even if you damage the lamination, you can get a new film layer to bring it back to life.

We are proud to be one of the best names for laminating services in the UK. We can add laminate to all kinds of materials, including different options for countertops. The final products will look stunning and be perfect for any kind of property. They can also be far more cost effective.

So, if you need help creating any of these items, please contact us.