Foil insulation could be right for you

Foiling servicesThese days, you will find more people seeking out foiling services for their items. They are a great choice for everything from packaging to decorative items. We are one of the most reliable foil specialists in the UK, so clients from any industry can rely on us if they want help. With our level of experience, we can satisfy all specifications for a competitive price.

Something that people use foil with is their insulation. It is quite an interesting use of the material. However, it has a habit of being ignored in favour of glass fibre and rock wool. Many people do this because they don’t know about the advantages it offers. For example, foil acts as an outstanding insulator. It is a great material for a huge array of structures. What we are going to do is explore some of the main benefits here.

A different kind of insulation

To begin with, this form of insulation works entirely differently to other kinds. To explain this, we first have to know a little about U Value. This is a measure of how efficiently heat passes through specific materials. A low value is what individuals are typically after in insulation. When your U Value is lower, less heat will escape.

Foil is different though as it does not have an especially low U Value. The reason it is still a good option is that the material functions differently. It does not operate by halting heat conduction like other insulators do. Instead, it reflects heat back towards the source. Thus, it drives the heat back to your property. According to various tests on foil, it performs incredibly well despite the low U Value.

NASA approves

Another reason why foil insulation is an excellent choice is because it is used by NASA. They use the material as an insulator for their spaceships. This is serious business. NASA determined that this particular foil possessed the strongest ability to halt radiant heat loss. In space travel, this is critical.


Finally, the foil insulation is also very light. This insulation normally comes in rolls. These are not difficult to handle because they don’t weigh much. Such features are excellent in small loft areas.

Work with the most trusted name in foiling services

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