Patterned holographic, polyester, and metallised mylar laminates

Those of you who have used laminating services in the past will understand why more people should be embracing them. In addition to offering protection, the laminates can amplify the appearance of your goods. For the best results though, you should work with us. Our business has been working hard to bring first rate lamination to the public for a long time. We can meet your specifications and reach the highest possible standards on every job.

Each new project comes with unique obstacles for packaging designers. However, it can inspire innovative designs. One element that plays a critical role here is materials. You need to select the right one for each need, ensuring you understand the characteristics it offers. What we will be doing here is going over some of the laminates that can give designers new opportunities.

A patterned holograph

Laminating servicesThere are plenty of things to discover if you look at holograph designs in general. With patterned holographic laminates in particular, they have versatility and lots of customisation options. This is what makes them so appealing.

In truth, there are numerous holographic colours and patterns you might not have even heard of. They will be able to add that bit of extra pizzaz to alluring, shiny packaging. The huge list of holo laminate patterns includes diamonds, checkers, raindrops, starbursts, confetti, cracked ice, lava, and plaid.

You can customise patterns in multiple ways too. Think about experimenting with a mix of holographic colour and pattern. This can produce a brilliant effect. Australian fast food chain Hungry Jacks’ 2016 French fry boxes are an excellent example. They have a dazzling, custom pattern to make them stand out. The design was also meant to scare seagulls away. Contact us if you need the finest laminating services in the UK.

Polyester designs and mylar

The next designs are metallised mylar and polyester laminates. The latter are PET films on a fibrous substrate to produce a laminate you can use to augment packaging. Polyester is a robust substance. This means it is great for items that must stand out whilst preserving a rigid structure.

One example of PET-laminated packaging design is card brand Bicycle Silver’s Steampunk Playing Cards. The box holding the cards invokes machinery and metalwork, two things with a solid link to the Steampunk genre. It is then finished with a polyester lamination, revealing a metallic aesthetic. This is without undermining the box’s integrity.

Metallised mylar is an alternative term for this type of lamination. Mylar is a form of polyester film with exceptional insulation properties and high tensile strength.

We provide careful laminating services

At Foiling Services, we have transformed ourselves into a leading authority on lamination. As a result, we can provide creative solutions for all kinds of needs. Clients can come to us with an idea and we will find the perfect way to make it a reality.

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