Laminate canvas prints to protect them

Canvas print is one of the more recent photography developments. People use the prints as presents and decorations. Another possibility would be to utilise them as advertising tools. Canvases are distinct and durable artworks, but you may need protection if you wish for them to last a long time. For those wondering what the ideal method of protecting them is, it’s lamination. We want to take a closer look, then you can ask us for laminating services.

The lifespan of a canvas print

The average lifespan for a canvas is 50 to 60 years. With lamination however, you are able to prolong this to one hundred years or more.

For those that don’t know, laminate is a protective coating. You can spray a liquid on the canvas to seal it. Or there is also another variant that employs a thin transparent film, which you apply on the print.


Laminating servicesThanks to lamination a canvas print receives protection from multiple forms of physical harm. For example, you will no longer have to worry about scratches and abrasion. It is the same for other damages such as cracking and chipping.

Laminate has the capacity to safeguard the canvas print from humidity too. A humid setting can lead to fungus and mould growing on the material. There will be permanent damage. This benefit is better suited to those who reside in tropical environments.

Another advantage of laminating services here is the protection canvas’ get from UV rays. They have the potential to harm the colour resolution, but laminate can prevent fading and other issues.

Lamination prevents air borne pollutants from damaging the canvas too. It also protects it from weathering. Furthermore, it offers vibrancy by augmenting the photo’s colour contrast. So, laminate makes canvas prints more attractive to look at.

When you need to clean the canvas print, you can do so with minimal effort if they have a protective coating. All you have to do is wipe off the grease, smudges, and dirt. Use water or a damp cloth for this. It saves you from having to worry about damaging the canvas during cleaning.

By ensuring the longevity of a canvas print, you can save money on replacements. The same goes for maintenance. All this is without compromising the artwork’s quality and appearance.

The finest laminating services

You can find a multitude of laminates on the market to use. Matte finish, satin liquid, full-gloss, and semi-gloss are good examples. To make certain the lamination gets done correctly, you should hire our professional team. We have a lot of experience and consistently deliver great results.

At Foiling Services, we fully understand how lamination works. As a result, we can suggest the best option for you. This will include a film to get you the look you want and the correct method to apply it.

So, please speak to us if you are interested in using our laminating services. We can discuss ideas with you and suggest a service.