The truth of foil stamping’s sustainability

There is one common misconception with print. People think that to be environmentally friendly, you need to compromise on aesthetic finishes. The truth is far different though. It is possible for sustainability and eye-catching results to go hand in hand. People want to distinguish their brands and obtain that “wow” factor for detail while attending to environmental issues. To do this, there are things you must do. Read on to discover all you need to understand about foil stamping and sustainable foils.

Sustainable foilsIn the retail and marketing world, being more environmentally sustainable has been a long term issue. This is the case with both government regulations and meeting business goals. Foil stamping is a print finishing technique. It provides lovely results whilst staying recyclable. It is repulpable and compostable too.

These claims were proven by a study at Georgia Tech as well as the Foil Stamping and Embossing Association. Here, they examined foil decorated paper and paperboard. They discovered that digital, cold, and hot foil stamping practices were repulpable and recyclable. It was enough to get them added to the American Forest & Paper Association’s Design Guidance for Recyclability of Paper-based packaging.

Recycling technology enhancements

Moreover, there have been enhancements to recycling technology. Through them, treatments of such paper products are far simpler now. Before, things were more complex.

These printed foils are so thin that the coating weight is usually lower than ink. What this does is permit it to dissolve in the repulping operation. So, after the print’s planned use, you can just throw it into the recycling. From here, the procedure consists of mixing the paperboard and paper with water. This transforms it into a pulp. Next, it is pressed, dried, and rolled out into new paper sheets. They will be as good as new. If you need help with sustainable foils, contact us.

Three primary types of foil printing

Hot foiling

This utilises a hot die to press your foil onto paper material. The appearance seems slightly embossed and textured because of the die’s pressure.

Cold foiling

Next is a stamping that makes use of metallic paper with an adhesive backing. Thus, it adheres to your paper without applying heat. The finish here is slightly textured and not as shiny compared to the other two methods.

Digital foiling

Finally, is the most recent foiling technique. It possesses the quickest turnaround too. Also, it has the lowest amount of waste. If you compare to the other two, it is more effective because it prints right from a digital line. There is no need for a custom stamping plate. This option works well with shiny or laminated paper. It is most suitable for small quantity orders and rapid turnaround projects.

We work with well-respected manufacturers of sustainable foils

At Foiling Services, we have partnerships with several manufacturers to offer you easy access to foil. We know that it is important to look after the environment properly. With these products, it becomes a much more obtainable goal.

When performing our foiling work as well, we use quality equipment to gain superior results. We are also not restricted to the standard shades of gold and silver. Our people have the means to meet the challenge of any available pattern or shade and feature you wish to bring to an item.

So, please let us know if there is anything we can do with sustainable foils for you. We can offer solutions for a huge range of needs.