Items you didn’t know you could hot foil

We are the most trustworthy name in the UK in regards to foiling services. This is something that many businesses use these days. They do so because of the appearances it can provide. The foil can make merchandise stand out in ways other methods can’t achieve. In addition, it can do it economically and in an eco-friendly manner. With our talent and experience too, you are guaranteed to get what you desire.

Something you see every day

Foiling servicesHot foil embellishments are something you are likely in contact with each day. You just don’t realise it. It is possible to find it on makeup brushes, hairbrush handles, and packaging. Other places it exists include the front of a glossy magazine and the spine of a book. Party invites also regularly make use of it as well.

The foil printing provides a personal touch and value to even the simplest objects. It supplies a distinct finishing touch. The greeting cards industry is probably still the largest foil supporter. If you do a quick Google search for wedding invites or luxury cards, they will likely feature it. From subtle flourishes to complete bling, it satisfies all tastes.

The hot foiling process

As for the process, you attach the hot foil die to your machine and heat it up. Foil then goes between your die and the substrate you are going to print. Next, you apply pressure to briefly bring the two together. A number of foils come with an adhesive on the back that activates via heat. It generates a permanent bond to the substrate.

Individual foils exist for separate substrates. You won’t find a general purpose foil that sticks to everything. So, come to us if you want to experience world class foiling services where we suggest the right product for you.

Now that we have given an overview of hot foiling, let’s talk about some items you probably didn’t know you can foil. Up until now, regular users of this technique have likely focused on standard objects. There is no need to stop there however. You can branch out and work on more distinct items like the ones below.

Personal gifts

Ask yourself how you make a gift entirely unique and special. The answer is – you personalise it. Various retailers now tap into this market. As a result, they make use of hot foil to custom-print gifts like poker chips, wine bottle labels, and chocolate boxes.


Boutique fashion brands have the potential to create exclusive and personalised objects with hot foil stamping. Think jean tags, spectacles, watch straps, bags, and belts. It is easy to add custom touches with a hot foiling machine, so it is a great investment.

Shoes and boots are a particularly interesting area of fashion where you can use foil. You might have thought about using your machine to create unusual and unique designs on boots and shoes. Attractive patterns and logos can be debossed or embossed onto nearly every shoe. It is even possible to hot foil wellingtons. This will be the perfect gift for dog walkers or gardeners.

Band equipment

Musicians have a habit of becoming attached to their kits. There is a big place in the market for personalisation of gear. You can provide an array of custom guitar plectrums with hot foil. It is possible to personalise these with the guitarist’s initials and band logo. There is no need to stop there however. Consider personalising guitar straps and drum sticks, as well as other objects.

Explore a variety of foils with our foiling services

Our goal is to produce the best results every time, even if you need to add foil to tricky items. The high quality equipment we possess helps here. Our experience is very useful too, helping us to determine the perfect solution for most needs. Additionally, we have very few limitations when it comes to colour, shade, or effect. In fact, we use a wide range of foils to get the job done.

So, if you have an interest in our foiling services, feel free to speak to us. We can handle small or large orders, delivering economic solutions.