A bright future for the laminating market

According to the latest market report, there is a very positive future in line for laminating services. The estimate is there will be major growth, particularly because of demand for flexible, multi layer packaging. Diversification into different industries will also help. As one of the leaders in lamination, we want to have a look at what to expect here.

Why is there so much demand for packaging?

Laminating servicesThere is a lot of attention on packaging at the moment. Businesses and consumers are considering it for an array of reasons. For example, there is focus on ensuring it is sustainable. Plus, brands want it to match their beliefs and goals. In addition, people want to ensure it will be sufficient for protecting the products.

Flexible packaging with laminate is a fantastic choice for many reasons. The film layer can improve the durability and strength of packaging. This is true for things like paper, cardboard, and even wood. It also offers more choice for personalisation.

Perhaps the biggest factor here is the laminate can extend the shelf life of products. What it does is provide more protection against environmental factors like oxygen. It can reduce the rate of deterioration and spoilage in many goods.

Top choices

A great thing about laminating services is there are so many options. However, according to the report, high temperature lamination is the leader. Cold laminating is lagging behind, but is gaining ground due to high demand for eco-friendly materials and processes.


The biggest region for this kind of laminating is North America. There is high demand here, especially for packaging. As a result, the region has over a third of the total revenue for lamination. However, there is big growth in Asia-Pacific. It is expanding more rapidly than anywhere else in the world.

New opportunities

As we said above, diversification into different industries will have a big impact on laminating services. The highest demand remains in food and beverage packaging. However, there are also now applications for laminate in aerospace, automotive, and many other markets. It can offer the same benefits in these areas, including improving protection against environmental factors and boosting the aesthetics.

It is also important to note that the market has already overcome the supply chain shocks caused by covid. While there was significant disruption, things are largely back up and running. That is great news for all parties.

Do you want to try laminating services?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality services for every single client. The key thing here is we choose the best laminates and apply them with the utmost care. We adapt both factors to account for the specific project. That way, there is little risk of issues and the final product should suit your specifications.

So, why not speak to us about laminating services? We can advise you about a wide range of applications. We even have experience with items like car parts and architectural products.