Is metallised paper and board the best choice?

A lot of consumers and designers won’t have a deep knowledge of metallised paper and board. However, they will have seen it in a huge number of different products. It is a common choice for various types of packaging, including cartons and boxes. You can also see it in many labels. While it has some benefits, is it really the best choice? Or are there situations where sustainable foils are better? Let’s find out.

What is it?

Before we do a comparison, it is a good idea to ensure you understand what metallised paper and board is. In a basic sense the products are papers or boards with a metallic layer on top. This can get confusing for some people. You may visualise cardboard or paper with a thick piece of aluminium foil on it. However, that is not the case. The metal layer is actually incredibly thin. They are very similar to other types of coated paper or card.

A great look

While not many people will be familiar with how it works, the look designers can achieve here is fantastic. The silver look can be exceptional for different types of packaging. It is also possible to print over the top with different colours and inks. That opens the door for even more customisation options. If a brand wants to get a high end, vibrant look, the paper and board can be great.


The materials can also be really good for different types of food packaging. The goal here is often to create a barrier between the food and packing material. This is necessary with everything from juice to butter. The metallised paper and board can work well. The top layer can have great resistance to fluids, grease, and more. It can also help to reduce spoilage.

Is it the best choice?

Sustainable foilsWhile you know more about what it is and the advantages now, you will probably be wondering about drawbacks and why sustainable foils can be better. The key thing here is recycling. Some metallised paper and board is recyclable, especially when you choose materials carefully. However, other types are not suitable for recycling.

The great thing about foiling is it can be incredibly sustainable. The process itself can produce next to no waste. Most importantly, the foils are thin enough that they generally dissipate during processing. That means you can recycle the substrate with no concerns.

At the same time, the foils can produce a very similar appearance as the metallised paper and board. It can provide the best of all worlds.

If that wasn’t enough, making the switch is generally quite easy. This is especially true when you choose to work with experts. It can empower businesses to choose packaging that looks great while also being fully recyclable and good for the environment.

Talk to us about sustainable foils

We have a huge amount of experience with foil and appreciate why so many people love the effect. We can provide foiling for all kinds of needs, including packaging and more. Designers can work with us to find the right solution to get the look they want as well as the benefits of recycling.

So, if you have any questions about sustainable foils and the looks you can achieve, please contact us. We’ll ensure you have the best experience as you choose a design and foiling strategy.