Creative lamination uses

Getting your items laminated is something you will want to consider doing in countless situations. By adding a laminate, you can bring more protection and improve the appearance. It’s a two for one deal that comes with plenty of advantages. To make the most of laminating services though, you need to work with a reliable team. We’ve been part of the industry for years, so we can attend to all your specifications.

Do you want to augment the presentation and durability of your print goods? If so, lamination is your solution. We have some advice to share on the topic that will help you get the most out of it. Keep on reading if you’re looking to take it further.

Think of your needs

Laminating servicesOne thing you will need to do is consider what you need. When you’re looking at solutions, you have to look at your specifications.

For example, you may need to create sturdy and durable products like menus or ID cards. Here, you should use a laminate that can work with thicker cardstock. At the same time, you will need an edge cutter for precise trimming.

Alternatively, you could be after a cool presentation for your artwork or graphics. This is without undermining the quality and clarity. It is preferable to use a flat-lamination technique over hot lamination.

Furthermore, consider whether you need even pressure distribution. If you do, opt for machines equipped with adjustable rollers. These are ones that offer consistent pressure with separate paper types.

Finally, if longevity is critical, think about utilising laminate films like polyester. These supply greater resistance against wear and tear than normal film. Contact us if you need stellar laminating services.

Get creative

Next, we will discuss some interesting uses for laminating.

Custom bookmarks

For one thing, you should consider producing bespoke bookmarks for personal or business use. Laminating them will make everything more durable. What’s more, they will have a professional look that is sure to impress.

You can make the bookmarks by adding artwork or photos onto cardstock with laminate. For the best results, go for high quality images. Do this prior to cutting them out into shapes. It will improve durability and presentation. You can then add ribbons, tassels, and other embellishments to finish your bookmarks with personality and style. Experiment with separate sizes and shapes as well, and look at elements to add texture like raised lettering or glitter.

Dry erase boards

One other straightforward but effective idea would be creating DIY dry erase boards. Do so by laminating cardstock or sheets of paper. You are free to use these boards in many settings, like homes, offices, and classrooms.

This easy DIY job is an excellent way of repurposing old materials. To bring a bit of fun to the design, you can use patterned paper under your plastic prior to laminating. For easy portability, you should cut your laminate into smaller sizes. Moreover, you can add magnets to the back of every piece. You can create reusable notes or to-do lists that you can stick onto magnetic surfaces.


Finally, you can use lamination to preserve and display your art pieces. This is particularly helpful when you are working with substances that degrade or fade rapidly. If you seal your art in laminate, you can keep everything safe while still displaying it.

Excellent laminating services every time

At Foiling Services, we know that lamination is a dynamic procedure that can cater for many needs. We can recommend the best method for different objects. Our goal will be to achieve the look you want effectively without risking harm to the items.

A great understanding of laminating services allows us to give you the best results every time. So, please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.