Is foil blocking good for the environment?

Aesthetics are really important in the print and packaging sectors. It is unlikely people will pick up products or respond to materials if they look bad. Therefore, you need to ensure you get the designs right. One way to do this is to choose foiling services. Decorative foils can really enhance your materials.

Is there an environmental impact?

Foiling servicesWhile making sure that print and packaging looks great is vital, it is also crucial to think about the environment. This is really important to most consumers today. Businesses need to think about it and ensure they showcase their values.

Adding foil to a product may seem like a bad idea in terms of the environment, but that is far from the truth. In fact, most foils are very eco friendly because they are completely recyclable. They are also generally very easy to remove.

Some people worry that the fact the foils are metallic will mean that materials will no longer be recyclable. Some even think that they will contaminate other waste they are put with. Both are not true and you should not have any issues.

The great thing about foiling services is you can easily recycle foils and the materials you add them to, including any type of paper and cardboard. You can also set aside the waste from the foils for recycling. Even small cutoffs can be recycled.

Whether you choose hot or cold foiling, you can still recycle the materials. The only real difference with the two is that the first uses heat and can produce a brighter foil finish.

You can also choose recycling regardless of the colour of foil. Whatever print or pigment has been used to change the colour, it should not affect the recyclability.

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