Is flat pack furniture sustainable?

Lamination is one of the most important finishing solutions in the world. It can dramatically alter the appearance and durability of items. This is useful for marketing, furniture, and many other uses. People even laminate vehicles. If you are thinking about using laminating services, we can help. In fact, we are one of the market leaders in the UK.

Most people will have at least one piece of flat pack furniture in their home. The products are affordable and can be very stylish. But, are they sustainable? More and more buyers are thinking about this when they buy furnishings. So, we want to take a closer look at it below.

What is it?

Laminating servicesBefore we look at the pros and cons, let’s take a little look at what it actually is. The name gives this away to an extent; it is furniture that comes in boxes ready for you to assemble. The products are not solid wood; instead they are generally MDF with a film laminate to look like real wood or a specific colour. High quality laminating services can make the end products look very close to real wood.

There are some key things to keep in mind here. Because it is not solid wood, the furniture tends to be much lighter. That makes it easier to use. It is also possible to disassemble the items at any point if you choose to.

Is it sustainable?

There are arguments for and against the sustainability of flat pack furniture. It is important to look at both sides to see whether it is right for you.

The biggest argument against it is that by its nature the flat pack furniture tends to be more temporary. People are more likely to replace it within a few years because of the low costs. There can also be concerns about the durability of low quality products.

However, there are some strong arguments in favour of the sustainability. One of the main ones is that the products can be made of inexpensive materials. Sometimes this is even waste wood and offcuts, saving on virgin timber resources. The laminating services make the MDF look really good so it is harder to tell that items are not solid wood.

The low weight and easy transportation can also be very important points. When you consider sustainability you need to think about the environmental cost of getting items to the end user. Flat pack furniture can have a smaller carbon footprint because it can easily travel in bulk. However, you must be careful when you look at where the items are made. If they are travelling huge distances to get to the buyer, it can represent big carbon emissions.

Think about quality and what is best for you

One thing people will always criticise with flat pack furniture is the durability. However, not every item will be weak and flimsy. If the manufacturer uses good quality raw materials the final products can be very good. Plus, the right laminating services can give them a film finish that has good aesthetics while also providing more protection against liquids, scratches, and more.

To help improve the sustainability, people should be more conscious about what they choose. They should look to the long term and think about what they will do with furniture if they decide to replace it. This can help the environment.

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