Connect with customers using direct mail

One area where foiling services can prove to be incredibly useful is direct mail. With the right designs you will be able to capture the attention of the recipient easily. When you execute a campaign properly, the marketing materials can make your company stand out from the rest. That can provide lots of great benefits, so it is definitely worth it.

Challenging times

Foiling servicesFor numerous businesses this is a time of big change. The current pandemic has had an influence on all of us in some way. Knowing this, it might appear logical to focus your attention on digital communication, social media, and websites. However, these areas are going to be very competitive. Customers will tune out if everyone starts sending them promotions, ads, and emails. You may need a different strategy.

In order to form a lasting bond with the customer, as well as acquire new ones, opt for a direct mail campaign. It can still be a very useful thing, especially at a time when it is becoming rarer to receive physical materials in the post.

Let everyone know you are still there

If you are not sure that direct mail is right for you yet, allow us to do some more convincing. For one thing, the campaign will let everyone know you are still here. With many companies closing, customers might not be aware that you are still operating. Your shop or office may be closed or only partially open, but you can still let people know you can help them. Tell them about any special products or services you currently have to offer.

If your company is not open, tell everyone they can purchase gift cards for future services, either online or by phone. This is the ideal time to focus on your business’s drive-up, takeout, or delivery services. By letting people know you can get them what they need, they can become forever customers.

Thank you notes

Businesses also have the option to send thank you notes. Since people are feeling disconnected, a little note can help to build a bond. That will amplify the feelings of customer loyalty and community. With print finishing embellishments like foil lettering, you can create special direct mail pieces.

Foiling services with more to offer than just gold and silver

We perform our work using state of the art, high quality technology. Since this is the case, we can work beyond the normal shades of gold and silver. Examples of the other products we can use include mirror, exterior, and brushed foils. You can be as creative as you want.

So, contact us today if our foiling services sound like they would be good for you. We can create lots of different types of marketing materials, from small cards and thank you notes to flyers, glossy brochures and more.