How are laminates and wooden veneers different?

Lamination is a tricky business, one that you need to leave in the hands of experts. The reason why people come to us for laminating services is because we take great care of their items. At the same time, we strive to deliver a world class level of work. So, with our help, getting the results you desire will be easy.

One question often heard in our industry asks about the differences between laminate and wood veneer. Many people are also curious as to whether they can paint the two. We will discuss the distinctions between the pair, and touch on the painting side below.


Laminating servicesLet’s begin with some definitions. Laminate is a man made item that is printed to make it appear as if it has wood grain. Usually, laminate is plastic. It lets manufacturers create flooring, cabinets, and furniture for less money. You are unable to stain laminate, as it is not wood. The stain won’t have anything to soak into. It will simply lie on top of your film and not properly dry. You will just end up with a sticky, nasty mess.

As for the wood veneer, it is a small layer of hardwood that has been bonded to a less costly substrate. Normally, this is MDF, particle board, or a cheaper wood. The method permits manufacturers to produce wonderful pieces for less money than it would cost to create a solid wood piece. In many cases, when the veneer is in top quality, you can’t tell it is not solid.


With the painting, we will begin with laminate. You are free to sand, prime, and paint laminate just like it was a solid piece of furniture. Skipping the sanding phase is simple because it is so bothersome. However, it is particularly important with laminate. Since it is often glossy-looking, you need to sand it down until the finish appears really dull prior to priming. Using a 120 grit sandpaper is preferable here. Additionally, unlike proper wood, you don’t have to sand with the grain. If you require first rate laminating services, make sure you give us a call.

Next, there is the wood veneer. It could be in great condition and won’t be chipping. If so, you can sand, prime, and paint it similar to other furniture pieces. If it is damaged in some way, you will still be able to sand it and fill it with wood-putty. This is as long as nothing is flaking or loose. For more widespread damage, you would be better off replacing it with another wood slab, which may cost more.

The most helpful laminating services

At Foiling Services, we use our expertise to give your items a higher level of protection. At the same time, we can amplify the aesthetic appeal. If our team believes that laminating your item would be impractical, they will recommend other possibilities to you instead.

So, feel free to get in touch with us if you believe we can be of assistance to you. Our laminating services are great for lots of uses, from furnishings to marketing materials. Come to us with any kinds of ideas.