Identifying and rectifying a gassing issue

As our name states, our expertise comes in the form of foiling services. We have the means to apply a plethora of functional and decorative hot transfer foils, self adhesive tapes, protection films and PVC films to a wide array of wood, plastic and metal sheet substances. In the end, what we hope to present you with is a product that will leave nothing but the best impressions.

One problem associated with foiling is that of gassing. It occurs when the substrate you’re stamping reacts to the heat being used to apply the hot stamping foil. Unlike air entrapment, the size of your image area isn’t the primary cause, but bigger images might suffer from a greater amount of gassing than smaller ones do. What can result is the sheet’s coating, the substrate, inks on the sheet, or even a mix of all three getting gassed.

To know whether gassing is the issue for certain, try stamping a different area on the same image where no ink coating exists. Should it bubble in both locations, then it’s air entrapment. If only the ink or coatings bubble, it is gassing. It tends to happen when the inks haven’t dried off properly or have been wet trapped underneath a coating.

If you wish to stop the problem from occurring, the hot stamping foil is a great place to begin. Since foil adhesives that work to prevent air entrapment exist, so too do those to help with gassing. If the coating or ink happens to be wet still and is the source of the issue, the sheets should be divided up into smaller stacks so that they can dry quicker.

At Foiling Services, we are able to foil an extensive number of materials, including the likes of MDF, ASA, HIPS and plywood. The range of interior and exterior grade foils that we possess are only restricted by your creativity, but consist of marble, metalized, transparent, holographic and many others.

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