Counteracting air entrapment with lamination services

Our speciality consists of applying functional and decorative hot transfer foils, self adhesive tapes, and PVC and protection film or laminates to an array of metal, wood and plastic based sheet substances. As a result we can provide a finish that effectively meets your specifications. Whatever your requirements are, we will go the distance to see to it that they are met with our foiling and lamination services.

When performing the process of foil stamping a medium to a massive solid on a varnished or coated stock, two problems might come up that look near identical. They are known as gassing and air entrapment. What transpires here is that bubbles or small pin holes, which appear through the image’s middle section from trapped air between the foil and stock, or gas that has resulted from the die’s heat, which was released from the stock. Both issues might look the same, but tackling each one is a different story.

Speaking in terms of air entrapment, a common initial reaction is to use additional pressure. People think that the press isn’t applying enough and that is why the issue arises. If air entrapment is the issue though, this won’t do you much good.

Instead the first step would be to make use of the correct type of foil or laminate. Hot stamping foils in particular consist of a filled adhesive that actually aids in absorbing the air as you stamp the image. If the bubbles are still being a nuisance, creating a dome make-ready is the next step to take, as this will assist in squeezing the air out of the stamped area’s sides.

At Foiling Services the products we stock are utilised for a considerable range of applications, such as composite doors, wall cladding, industrial mouldings, decor panels and building products. We can process merchandise like these via methods like die cutting, drape moulding, vacuum forming and line bending.

If our foiling and lamination services interest you and you’d like further information, feel free to get in touch with us.