Speciality printing can make products stand out

As is evident by our name, we excel in providing foiling services to our customers. What our work involves is applying decorative and/or functional foils to a wide array of products for businesses in various markets. We have the skills and equipment necessary to foil a slew of materials. That means if there is something particular that you have in mind, we can assist you.

Specialised printing strategies can transform your already wonderful designs into ones that possess even more impact. Designers can take great advantage of these techniques, but each one presents a series of challenges that they must be prepared for. The following printing methods might heighten the cost of your piece, but they add a unique element into the mix that is more likely to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Embossing is a fantastic way to add original tactile and visual dimensions to your product. The majority of papers can be embossed, producing a great finish. Certain materials stand out more than others do though; you should work closely with professionals in order to determine the best options for your requirements.

Coatings are employed as a protective measure against temperature changes and moisture. Additionally, they also safeguard against scratches, scruffs, and frequent handling. If you are aiming to amplify your printed piece’s appearance, then you’ll discover that there’s no shortage of options with foil coatings. Depending on your specifications the appeal of the piece can be modified substantially.

At Foiling Services we use a myriad of approaches when processing your products. The methods we use depend on whether the substrate and foiling combination is appropriate, and include the likes of die cutting, drape moulding, vacuum forming and line bending. General fabrication is also available. We will do all we can to produce products you will be completely satisfied with.

If you require our services, please contact our team. We have taken on a wide array of projects in the past, including numerous challenging projects. We always do our utmost to provide great results, offering our advice and recommendations to ensure clients make the right choices.