How much thickness does a laminating cover add?

One of the most interesting questions we get in respect of our foiling and laminating services is; to what extent does our work alter the dimensions of the item we are applying a cover to? Many clients are concerned about this, especially when there are only small tolerances to play with.

The answer to the above question is, as you’d expect from a leading professional service such as ours, always specific to the work we are doing. We are able to work with all thicknesses of laminate, with the generally used range going from 0.0381mm (38.1 microns) through to 0.381mm (381 microns). Whilst this enables us to place a cover as thin – or indeed as thick – as you need it, the question is one of what do you require the item being laminated to do.

In general terms, the thickness of a laminate cover determines how flexible it is. A thicker one means causes an increase in rigidity. It also means that the item has a higher level of protection because it will be harder to get through the whole cover.

When we are asked to give input and advice, we always ask the question of how frequently it is anticipated that the item will be handled or used in a way that it comes into contact with other objects. If the answer is frequently then we’d always advocate looking at using a thicker sized laminate covering in order to give a prolonged period of protection.

On top of the above it is also wise to think about how the product will be used. Items like composite door panels need to be able to fit into the frame effectively. As a result the additions to the length, width, and depth of the material all need to be carefully calculated.

Just how much a laminate covering changes the dimensions of an item is therefore important to understand. The approach we take, as illustrated above, is one which acknowledges that using our laminating services is a dynamic process. By engaging with our clients we understand their needs and requirements to the full, allowing us to deliver a far superior level of service.

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