How long does lamination last?

Over the years we’ve highlighted how our lamination services help ensure that the item being laminated can have a prolonged lifespan in terms of use and appearance. Giving an extra layer of protection to an item is usually the main motivator for laminating. Additionally the technique can enhance the way items look. In this article we’d like to have a look at just how much longer the lamination process makes something last.

Providing a guide to how long the benefits of our laminating services would be in place for must be done on an item by item basis in order to give any sort of accuracy to the figure.

A wide range of different materials can be laminated for additional protection. Paper products like business cards and important documents can be preserved in this manner. The laminate will make the materials withstand the test of time much better even if they are handled regularly. If stored correctly the extended life of the items could be many years.

Laminates are also used on timber flooring and furnishings. They improve wear resistance and moisture protection, ensuring that the substrates are protected from damaged. As a result they can last a lot longer. Many types of laminate flooring for example can last between ten and twelve years, even in areas with high foot traffic.

Composite doors surprisingly make use of laminates. They feature a core made of a substrate material and are then coated with a durable plastic. This gives them more strength, rigidity, and moisture protection as well as making them easier to clean. The material is also rot resistant. The doors can last for a huge number of years as a result of these characteristics.

How long something will last is always an important question to ask when looking at a particular service. With so many variables that could influence this over the years it is, however, often a difficult one to answer comprehensively. As part of our complete service, we would always give you our insights and advice in respect of how our foiling and lamination services would benefit an item, referencing how long we’d reasonably expect the work to last.