Effective, efficient foiling that won’t damage the product

Decorative foils can add a unique twist to a wide array of products, helping them to stand out and appeal to their audience. Foiling is a more dynamic and attractive solution than alternatives such as using ink because the foil can have texture, be raised, and feature a complex design if necessary. The first two are impossible with ink and the latter is very difficult to achieve.

The downside of foils is that if they are used incorrectly the finish will be poor. Additionally the process of adding the foil to a product takes great care and precision. A problem with it and the aesthetics could be the least of your worries; the whole product could be ruined.

With so many benefits but a need for accuracy and precise printing it is wise to seek help from an experienced provider of foiling services. This is the best course of action in terms of both the quality and the cost. There will be fewer mistakes, better finishes, and ultimately a more efficient manufacturing period.

If you want to work with the UK leader in printing with decorative foils Foiling Services is the company for you. We have a fantastic reputation built on the fact that we can provide the best results for clients and help them from start to finish. Not many other companies offer that.

When we say from start to finish, we truly mean it. You can come to us with a few ideas for a design and our team will help you to refine them into a finished plan. We work closely with clients to ensure we have a great understanding of their needs and provide the right assistance. Our knowledge of what can be done with foiling really helps too.

After the design stage we will do the printing for you, selecting the right method to ensure the product is not damaged and the finish is perfect. We are highly efficient and can provide batches of products ranging from a handful of items to a full production run.

To find out more about what we have to offer at Foiling Services, including the incredible decorative foils, please contact us.