Augmenting your leaflets with lamination

If you are after decorative lamination services, then you have come to the right place. Having had experience in serving a huge selection of industries and markets, we are capable of putting the laminate touch on a huge array of products. Whether you are just looking to protect your merchandise or if you wish for it to stand out, then we are just the people to help.

With the New Year fast approaching, the opportunity to promote your business and its products is also upon us. This time of year is when creativity is on the rise and everyone finds themselves rejuvenated, with ideas bouncing around left and right. With all of these fresh concepts comes the question of how to let people know about them. One of the most popular methods out there is to make use of printed flyers and leaflets.

Leaflets are one of the most cost effective ways to get your intentions out there to customers, both creatively and quickly. The prime goal with a leaflet is to make sure that it’s read, meaning that not only does the content have to be great, but so does the final print. If what you want from your leaflet is quality, you can enhance it with a laminate finish.

While it is true that laminate finishes can cost you more, it’s an investment that can really pay off. This kind of finish is aesthetically pleasing, amplifying the vibrancy of your images and colours; however, it can also enhance how the leaflet feels in a customer’s hand. In addition, the added strength that comes from lamination makes your leaflets last for longer, especially useful if you intend for them to have an extensive shelf life.

At Foiling Services, the unique laminates that we utilise give you the option to choose one that matches your requirements. If you are having difficulties choosing a coating, we can give you some professional input. For the very finest in lamination services, pay a visit to our company.