How does custom litho lamination work?

These days, we are known as one of the lamination industry’s leading authorities. We provide creative solutions for all kinds of needs, from promotional materials to architectural products. Our standards are always high because we call on our broad range of skills and the best films. So, if you need a laminate solution, rely on us.

The technology behind commercial printing has taken huge leaps forward over time. As a result, there are many fantastic options to help you get the designs you want. If you are seeking top quality cardboard box or carton printing for the ideal commercially attractive finish and look, litho lamination is the way to go. Manufacturing custom litho laminated boxes is a highly economic way of creating bulk packaging. It is cost effective whilst also preserving the aesthetics and quality.

A printing technology

Laminating servicesLitho lamination is a sort of printing technology. People use it to print cartons, cardboard boxes, and more. These are great for packing items in bulk. The consumer durable industry, food packaging industry, and other industries are very reliant on using products like these. The top tier custom prints are essential on these items because they add style and branding opportunities. Speak to our team if you need the finest laminating services in the UK.

For litho lamination, you use water absorption plates and oil based ink. Water and oil don’t mix. This science is central in the printing method. Two plates, a negative and positive one, are utilised for printing. The negative plate is water absorbent and has a rough texture. As for the positive, it holds the ink. When the two plates pass through rubber rollers, the water is absorbed. The ink gets extracted too, with it then being transferred to the printing surface. Next, the paper gets pressed and laminated onto the corrugated board or cardboard surface.

Paper will catch the graphic print

Cardboard is unable to receive direct litho graphic prints using this technique. Things are this way because the ink isn’t going to stain the surface effectively. Paper however easily catches your print. This is the ideal technology when you need to manufacture custom boxes. You will be able to print whatever custom colour and design you wish, with the highest accuracy and greatest finish.

We will get you the help you need with laminating services

At Foiling Services, we know that lamination is a sensitive procedure. As such, there are going to be items that won’t react well to it. There is no need to worry though. Should the need arise, we will have no problem suggesting alternative solutions to you. That way, you can get exactly what you want.

So, if you would like our help with laminating services, feel free to call or email us. We deliver top results for great value, whatever project you have in mind.