Hot stamping vs cold foil transfer

If you are here, you likely have an item you think could benefit from foiling services. This is a finish that gives your product a little “something extra”. It is highly effective when it comes to luxurious advertising and drawing people’s attention to a product.

Hot stamping and cold foil transfer are the two methods people use to apply foil in print. You might find that you can’t tell the difference between the visual finishes. Despite this, you need to consider the differences in production and performance. This will let you use the method that better suits the requirements of your project.


This method involves the use of a UV-curable adhesive. You start by printing this onto the paper using the design shape you want to foil. Then, you press the foil on and strip away where it is not needed. A run under UV light leaves you with a great finish for your product.


The other method uses a die. You mount this onto a machine where you heat it. The foil goes between this and the paper. Applying pressure helps the foil adhere to the surface. This results in a distinct feel and dimension.

The right choice for your project

There is a shorter production schedule with cold foiling and the costs are lower too. You do not need to make a die; instead you print an adhesive on the paper with the speed of regular ink. Cold foiling is better suited for jobs where you are looking for precision.

Hot foiling tends to result in a brighter finish which is better quality. Cold foiling can suffer from pinholing but this method doesn’t. There is no need for an ultra-clean environment like there is with cold foil. In addition, the UV lamps necessary for cold foiling can result in problems but┬áthese aren’t used for hot foil.

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