Using lamination for wall graphics

People appreciate lamination services like ours. After all, they can accomplish a great deal. They can provide protection for a wide array of items. In addition, they can increase their life spans considerably. You won’t have to trouble yourself with replacing things every few months. This is convenient as well as cost effective.

With lamination, you use a protective film to add extra layers to an item. This allows you to enhance the appearance, strength, and how long it will last. The process uses adhesives, pressure, or heat. As a result it is vital to think about the impact on the item so you do not damage it.

Wall graphics

It is possible to use lamination for many applications. The one we’re going to discuss here is wall graphics.

Wall graphics are temporary, usually only offering short or medium term messages. It should be relatively easy to remove them. People commonly add them to a painted drywall exterior. You can find them in retail establishments, homes, and offices. You are free to use them for events, promotions, or just for decor.

How to produce wall graphics

Typically, wall graphics are decals. You create them by applying the microsphere adhesive on the back of the print. Next, you apply an over laminate on the front. This is to add a finish or protection.


You need to make certain that the wall is dry and clean prior to administering the wall graphic. Then, you must remove a compact part of the release liner from the top. Once you’ve done this, position the exposed adhesive surface against the wall. Finally, carefully remove the release liner.

When everything is flat, smooth out the air pockets beneath the graphic. Employ a squeegee or something similar to do this so you do not damage the surface. Move from the centre out and work carefully to avoid creases.

At Foiling Services, we have plenty of experience with laminating items. Thanks to this knowledge, we’ve been able to assist countless clients. From this, we’ve developed a reputation for superior services.

If you want reliable lamination services, please let us know. We can create a bespoke solution for you, offering a range of films and more.