Laminating canvas prints

Having your items laminated is one of the smartest decisions you can make. You’ll be able to keep them safe above all else and may also improve the aesthetics. To get the right results however, you need to work with a reliable provider. Our team is the one responsible for offering the finest lamination services in the country.

Many people aim to create a protected canvas painting that’s fully functional. This requires more effort than you might think. There are several production phases the piece has to endure. Without them, it cannot reach the optimal quality.

Lamination on canvas prints is one of the necessary adaptations. Saying this, it’s not always apparent how this procedure affects your image. Many wonder if the laminate influences the endurance as well as the quality of their canvas print. The answer to this is a definite yes.

Don’t leave it unfinished

For a moment, consider that your canvas is a building project. You wouldn’t leave it half-finished because if there was a period of bad weather it could destroy everything. This is the same with your canvas. Without a protective layer it will always be vulnerable. What you should do is add a laminate finish to safeguard the print. This will give it protection against all kinds of problems, including moisture, smoke, and also dust. It will augment the visual appeal too.

UV protection

Everyone should consider canvas lamination. You don’t want your print to be at risk of any kind of damage, even if will be stored safely in your home. In addition to the things we mentioned above, in parts of your home the canvas may be exposed to UV rays. They can lead to fading, something which will ruin the art. It is best to choose a laminate with UV inhibitors that offer good protection.


lamination servicesLaminates also make it easier to clean a canvas. If you leave it as is, the rough texture can hold on to dirt and dust. It therefore becomes very difficult to clean. Laminate has a smooth surface. It is very easy to wipe clean as a result.

We have built a reputation as being the leading authority on lamination services. We’re familiar with everything that the process involves. As such, we know to be delicate when working on a project.

If we can be of assistance to you, please get in touch. You can trust Foiling Services to achieve a great finish.