High quality foils you can recycle

Recycling is on the tip of many people’s tongues at the moment. Many consumers and businesses are looking at ways to save resources by reusing existing ones. It is even leading to a change in interior design with more people upcycling older furniture instead of choosing things like new plastic chairs. One thing that can be a great choice is sustainable foils. They have no impact on recycling when you add them to things like greeting cards, packaging, and even car trim.

Why do people view foil as non-recyclable?

Sustainable foilsFor years there has been a negative view about recycling foils. A lot of people believe you can’t recycle them. This largely stems from the fact that things like crisp packets, foil wrapping paper, and old kitchen foils are not recyclable. However, it doesn’t mean that all foils have to go to landfill.

The thing to keep in mind here is crisp packets and similar products are not recyclable because they are not actually a foil. Instead they are a metallised plastic film. It is the plastic here means you can’t recycle.

Wrapping paper is similar. Some materials are perfectly fine to recycle, but it depends on what they are made of. There are some that look like foil but again there is a plastic film. On top of this there are papers with sticky tape; you can’t recycle them either.

In terms of foils in the kitchen, the misconception is you can’t recycle. However, the truth is you can as long as it is clean. If there is contamination due to grease or food debris, you need to first get rid of it. You can’t recycle if it is dirty. So, whether it is aluminium foil or trays, as long as you wash them properly they can go for recycling.

Choosing sustainable foils

When it comes to decorative foils, there are lots of options that you can use without compromising the recycling. KURZ is a global leader here. They produce products that are so thin they have no impact. They can actually weigh less than the ink in some print media.

You can add the foils to recyclable card and paper stocks and the fact they are so thin and light means they can sometimes dissipate during repulping. That means it is possible to recycle the materials to create new products.

It is similar if you use the foil to decorate plastic items. This is common for products like car trim because it is cheaper than using solid metal and saves weight. As long as the initial plastic is recyclable, it will remain so after foiling. The thinness of the foil won’t have a big impact on the properties of any new plastic products you create.

Speak to us if you want expert services

As you can tell from our name, we excel at foiling. It is one of our main areas of expertise, along with lamination. We know how excellent the foils can be in a decorative sense. Plus, we appreciate how good they can be when it comes to recycling and sustainability. They can stand out when you compare to other decorative methods.

If you want to decorate a substrate or add detail to a product, sustainable foils are the best option for anyone conscious of the environment. We are happy to offer advice if you are unsure about using them. Simply get in touch and let us know what you are decorating and aiming to achieve. We can then recommend a foil, likely one of the excellent ones from KURZ.