Foil stamping and how to design items properly

Having excelled in foiling services for years, we have managed to become one of the UK’s most trusted businesses in the industry. We constantly strive to meet or exceed the highest expectations for projects. We can do this because of a combination of talent, quality films, and state of the art technology.

Foil stamping is a custom effect that can provide print media with a metallic touch. It is one of the easiest methods of introducing a graceful design element to your items. You can use it on packaging, invitations, letterheads, business cards, and more. However, there may be some people that don’t understand how to properly design items. Allow us to fill in the blanks for you here.

More preparation

Foiling servicesDesigning for metallic print effect or foil takes a little more preparation if you compare to other prints. There are several reasons why this is the case. To begin with, specific font styles and graphics shall look far superior with metal effects than others. Additionally, foiling requires that the printer produce a static, metal stamp. This is one you can’t alter once you create it. If there are any last-minute alterations, it can be time consuming and expensive to implement them.

Whenever you are designing a piece for hot foil printing effects, you must keep specific details in mind. By doing so, you are definitely going to create an end product that matches what you have in your head.

Consider your paper type

Firstly, you have to think about the paper you will use. For the greatest possible finish, foil stamping needs crisp line art. This variety of art has a higher chance of having a clear, consistent result on smooth or coated paper stocks. On the other hand, you could be utilising textured or heavy paper stock. In this instance, your foil design is going to have to be larger and simpler to get the top tier effect. Give us a call if you need our foiling services.


Foiling usually makes type manifest a little bigger. To guarantee that your text is simple to read, you need to loosen up your kerning between letters. You will have to increase the leading between the lines too. When picking a typeface, keep these rules in mind.

Scripts are particularly elegant when you have foil effects. Saying this, sans and serif typography can look outstanding. Choose what is most appropriate for your brand. Only render those words in foil that are the easiest and largest to read too.

Start working with us today to get top foiling services

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