Start using a softer touch laminate

Laminating services are all the rage these days, useful for creating everything from signs to furnishings. To obtain the best results however, you need to work with a team that has talent and experience. We have all the skills you could ask for and are here waiting to help on your next project. You can trust us to deliver the stunning items you are after.

Laminating servicesThere are numerous kinds of laminates to choose from. This includes soft touch laminate, a velvety film for prints that just ooze quality. It can offer users an instant high-end feel to all print media. For this reason, it is perfect for promoting your company. When you use it on brochures for example, they can become a very effective marketing tool.

The opulent finish will definitely leave a brilliant impression on those who encounter it. There are also other advantages you can expect when using soft touch laminate; we will look at some of them below.

The durability

Firstly, there is the impressive durability. As we said above, this laminate is well-known for offering the wow effect. There is more to it than just the cosmetics though. It safeguards the print too and can prolong its life. With a film cover you don’t need to worry about yellowing pages or rips and tears. It makes it a really great investment.


Secondly, the film does a far better job at bringing your design’s vibrant colours out. This is really useful for marketing materials because it makes them pop. You are free to use the laminate on both sides of your pages too, no matter the grammage. If you require the greatest laminating services in the UK, make sure you speak to our team.

Keep the blemishes away

Soft touch laminate also helps you to protect your items against blemishes. You will likely spend a great deal of time investing in your materials, including the design and production. As a result, you don’t want fingerprints and marks spoiling the final look. A film can prevent this.

Dark, solid colours like blue or black have a habit of attracting marks. This shall make the print feel inexpensive. It is particularly true when it is photographs. With soft touch laminate though, you can battle against the annoying imperfections. You will also get an excellent overall print finish. This is integral to promoting premium services or products. Even better, the distinct texture won’t lower the quality or colour.

Laminating services for various items

At Foiling Services, we have experience laminating a huge variety of objects. This includes posters and photographs to name a few. We have access to a great selection of laminates, including from top manufacturers. As a result, we can give clients the best choice and most impressive finishes.

We are incredibly proud to be considered the top company offering laminating services in the UK. So, if you would like to work with us, feel free to get in touch.