How do I handle static electricity in lamination?

Laminating services are fantastic, but there is a risk with any kind of laminate. One slip and you can ruin the film and potentially the item too. Thankfully, we have been a part of this industry for a long time. Whatever your requirements are, we work hard to meet them. It helps that we have experience applying film to all kinds of products. So, your results will be first rate.

One main issue is there can actually be several flaws if you are not careful. These can influence the final product. Having been in this field for so long, we are well aware of some of the problems that can happen. We want to discuss one of them here, that being static electricity.

You must handle static properly

This is something that you have to handle properly with laminate. It is a problem that can pop up, and one that is not possible to prevent. Saying that, you can keep it under control easily. To do so, you need to take a few precautions.


Laminating servicesNeutralising or eradicating static electricity via induction is the simplest and oldest strategy. The most common utensil for this job is tinsel. However, it is not always used in the most appropriate manner. Due to the misuse, it is not successful 100% of the time.

When you use tinsel, it has to possess a metal core. A material with a non-conductive string core won’t work properly. Moreover, it has to be well grounded electrically. You must stretch it tight and position it a quarter of an inch from the item you are neutralising.

Something else you must have is free air space under this item. It has to be directly over or under the area where you place the tinsel. When done properly, it shall minimise the static electricity on every side of the substance.

Grounding the equipment

Another point to add is that grounding all the plant equipment and machinery is critical. Aside from the safety element, a grounded mechanism is going to aid you in draining off incredibly high static electricity charges. These are ones coming from particle conductors.

A problem with light films

Static electricity is more of an issue when you laminate lighter weight films. This is because there is a habit of them curling back towards the rear rolls. Following this, the film can start wrapping around them. To minimise this issue, it is best to place the laminator in reverse. Next, gently pull your film off the rear rolls.

To stop wrap around, laminate each of your documents by using a continuous feed. The weight is going to hold your laminations away from those rear rolls. Alternatively, it will leave a few inches of additional film since the weight won’t permit the static to pull it back into your rolls.

We’ll give you the help you require with laminating services

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