Everything you must know about web handling

Laminating is one of the most important finishing processes in the world. It can completely change the properties of materials for a surprisingly low cost. Quality services can apply a film with care that will increase the longevity and aesthetics. Plus, advances in technology and films mean there are solutions for even more needs. We work to show how useful laminate is, and then provide first rate laminating services.

Reasons for using web lamination

Laminating servicesPeople utilise a huge collection of laminate to form all sorts of products. Some of these materials feature two or more flexible webs together with a bonding agent. The laminate film you end up with can have better characteristics.

One of the reasons for lamination’s use is mechanical in nature. Here, you combine the materials to enhance essential properties. Think of laminates that can amplify the tensile strength, boost impact resistance, or add wear resistance.

Another reason for using lamination is chemical. What happens here is that the layers get combined to enhance the chemical properties. An example would be laminates that you combine to lower the moisture, gas, or vapour transmission rates.

The last reason is decorative. What you do here is merge the layers to improve the aesthetics. You would add a film to alter a web’s surface appearance. You could add a printed film to your web too. The options with laminating services are incredibly extensive.

In every instance, you combine webs at the lamination nip. This is the case no matter what type of system it is you are using. Usually said nip is comprised of two rolls that have a controlled gap between them. However, they may press together under a controlled pressure. Normally, one roll has a hard exterior and the other has a resident exterior like rubber.

Now that you know some lamination basics, we want to discuss one of the most important considerations here. This would be web handling.

The significance of web handling

The handling of webs out of and into the laminating section is essential to getting the best results. If there are issues it can lead to insufficient lamination and product flaws.

Decent tension control of your webs entering the lamination nip is vital. If any webs are under tensioned, issues like fold-overs and wrinkle lines can manifest in the web. They can also show in your final product.

When there is too much tension, there can be problems like stretch lines. Furthermore, excessive tension in one of your webs can produce web curl. Let us know if you require the greatest laminating services in the UK.

Using spreading rolls

Fold-overs, wrinkles, and other irregularities existing in the webs that enter the lamination point can pop up in the final product. Due to this fact, it is normal to include spreading rolls in your web paths into the laminating assembly. This shall help to eradicate these problems and present your webs to the laminating section as smooth and flat as possible.

These rolls can appear in several forms too. Examples include rubber cord type spreader rolls and rubber rolls with herringbone patterns. There are bow rolls as well. The roll section is going to be based on factors like tension and temperature. Speed and web materials are also important.


There is also something else that is essential to successful lamination. It is the angle at which you introduce the webs to each other at the laminating nip. In a normal device, it is crucial that your webs don’t come in contact before the lamination point. This may lead to possible flaws in your product. The two webs should approach the point with a big angle between them.

We understand how lamination works to ensure expert laminating services

At Foiling Services, we understand how to best provide laminating for our clients. We start by getting to know what you have in mind, including the kind of properties you need for the final items. We can then look at what type of films to use and how to apply them effectively. At the end you will have the perfect items with a flawless finish.

So, if you would like to get laminating services from us, please get in touch. We can handle a growing range of projects, including exterior items like composite doors and windows.