Cold foils and sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a growing requisite for printers, businesses, and consumers. These days, there are various sustainable foils that aid brands in standing out. They can do so while making minimal environmental impact as well. One of these options is cold foiling. To give you an idea of how excellent an option it is, we are going to discuss it here.

The application

Sustainable foilsFirstly, let’s look at the application. Cold foiling does not stop paper from being de-inked, recycled, or repulped. Normally you apply it on press in-line with printing. Also, it demands no up-front dies or tooling. In addition, you can overprint cold foil with classic, hybrid, or UV inks. You can use them in tandem with recyclable paperboards and papers as well.

For complete metallic coverage, cold foil can function as a sustainable and lightweight alternative to laminates. The reason is that the foiled package has no polyester film. The film carrier comes off concurrent with application. Then, it is usually recycled, depending on the process of the printer.

Relating to cold foil, metal transfer paperboards and papers are available too. You can use them as laminate substitutes. Such sheets are ones that come completely metallised in holographic, silver, or rainbow patterns. Not to mention, there are no films for lower ship weight and ease of recycling.

Overcoming an obstacle

One obstacle with cold foil is that there could be waste. This is if the coverage does not span a printing sheet. Various pieces of equipment address the issue by using foil indexing. Additionally, they can utilise foil re-use options and multiple reels. It can produce significant consumption savings and make sustainable foils even better. It is also possible to employ rolls that are sized for specific print jobs to lower waste.

The metallisation procedure for cold foils, hot foils, and films all essentially start in the same way. You apply a thin layer of vaporised aluminium to a polymer film using the vacuum metallising process. This is to obtain the level of opacity, brilliance, and reflectivity for the final product. The aluminium contains no toxic heavy metals. As for the polymer film, you remove it during the printing procedure. So, there can be minimal waste.

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