Do you need your laminate to be able to fold?

One of the toughest decisions people have to make when they look at laminate is how thick they want it to be. It can cause a lot of confusion, especially when you also need to look at folding. As a top provider of laminating services in the UK, we want to help.


An initial thing that can cause problems here is the measurements for the film. The films are referred to by mil. However, this is not short for millimetre as people often incorrectly assume. In this sense a mil is actually 0.001th of an inch. It is dramatically thinner than some people expect.

The most common thicknesses for laminate film are 1.5 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil, and 10 mil. It may not sound like much of a difference in sizing, but in practicality it makes a huge difference.


Laminating servicesA number of items that receive a laminate coating need to be foldable. However, there are an equal number that must remain rigid. It all comes down to specific items and the end uses. What you need to do here is ensure you choose a laminate that will satisfy your needs. The best option is to talk to an experienced provider of laminating services like us.

Catalogues are a great example of materials that may need to be foldable. This makes it easier to flip through and view products. If the covers and pages were rigid it wouldn’t be the best browsing experience. Here you may be best off with one of the thinner films.

ID cards are one product you definitely don’t want to be foldable. Instead they should be sturdy to make them easy to handle and read. This is also important if they will need to be scanned to grant access. The best option here is a 10 mil laminate because it won’t bend or fold easily.

Restaurant menus are a product that can go either way. Some businesses want them to have a bit of flexibility, even if they don’t want them to fold entirely. Others prefer rigidity for their menus. Luckily, it is a simple case of choosing the laminate that will provide what you want. Generally 3 mil or 5 mil will be best.

Ask for help with laminating services

We are happy to provide recommendations for all of our clients. What you can do is tell us what you are thinking for laminate. Let us know about the product and what you have in mind for the end use. Will it be folded often or should it be sturdy and rigid? We can then select a film that will work for you.

So, if you need laminating services at any time, speak to us. We’ll get you the finest results every single time.