Choosing a brushed finish

Foiling and lamination techniques can be used to add a durable protective layer to many different materials. The process provides many benefits, including allowing the use of cheaper substrates. Adding a foil or laminate also offers more freedom in terms of the aesthetics. Either option can be used to add colour or texture to the material. They can even come in timber, stone and metallic effect variations.

Brushed effect finishes are a fantastic way to add texture to a product whilst simultaneously sealing it against moisture, dirt and contaminants. When the substrate is left bare the texture will create places where these things can get caught and damage the material over time. With the use of a laminate or foil, the substrate is completely sealed off so nothing will come into contact with it unless the protective layer is damaged.

Brushed foils and laminates can range from coarse to fine so users can decide exactly what type of feel they want the final product to have. This also means that the finish can mimic an array of different materials, both in terms of the colour and how they feel.

The brushed foils and laminates have the added benefit of being available in matte, satin or glossy finishes. This gives the end user even more freedom to decide on the shine and aesthetics of the finished piece. A wide array of colours is available with all three options including the aforementioned timber, metal and stone effects.

At Foiling Services we can provide a flexible lamination solution to suit a wide range of requirements. We use an array of techniques to foil and laminate products, meaning we can cater for a multitude of different substrates and product designs. We have spent many years developing our skills and are confident we offer a first rate service that will deliver the maximum value.

In order to meet our very high quality standards we manufacture a number of the foils and laminates ourselves. This means we can check for flaws and reject any materials that don’t meet our high standards. Keeping this in-house also gives us the chance to set competitive prices.