An effective way to use plastics

Plastic films can be used to protect a wide range of substrate materials in an even larger array of products. You can find them on composite doors, furnishings, bicycle helmets and promotional materials such as signs and retail displays. Laminating is cost effective and can offer various positive characteristics, including moisture protection, abrasion resistance and a barrier against gases.

The materials used to make plastic films are as diverse as those used for containers and bottles. There are many different resins to choose from so you can select the perfect one for each specific requirement. It is important to think about what criteria you need the film to satisfy to ensure the right one is selected.

One material that is commonly associated with film is PVC. It is used to create an array of packing materials including stretch wrap, bags and liners. The most common place it is seen is in packaging for fresh red meat. It is particularly well suited for this because it will allow a small amount of oxygen to pass through to keep the produce fresh. It also creates a barrier against grease and oil.

ABS is another material used to make plastic films, and offer superb durability and impact resistance. This makes it particularly good for protecting weaker substrates. ABS also offers a highly glossy finish, making it desirable for a wide number of different applications.

At Foiling Services we work with a wide range of different plastics to provide a comprehensive service to suit the needs of our clients. We can help you to choose the perfect material for your needs, offering our recommendations and giving you the benefit of our years of experience. We are committed to offering the highest standards on every single product.

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