Enabling creativity in foiling and lamination

Foils and laminates are regularly added to a wide range of products to protect substrate materials or add a decorative layer. The technique is widely used because it offers a wide range of benefits including cost savings, design flexibility and the ability to create composite materials.

Bicycle helmets are often made using this technique. The main component of each helmet is the foam liner, because this helps to absorb the energy when the helmet is struck rather than transferring it directly to the wearer. This provides essential protection and can help to save lives. The liner is typically made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with other materials to help reinforce the vents and provide added stability.

Each helmet will have a strong, waterproof outer layer. This protects the EPS, adds extra impact resistance and also improves the aesthetics of the finished product. Several different materials can be used for this depending on the characteristics you want. The finish can be completely personalised with colours, artwork or even a holographic effect, making your product totally unique.

Premature failure is definitely unwanted when it comes to safety wear, so the foil or laminate needs to be added to the helmet with great care and accuracy to ensure it bonds effectively and creates a quality finish. We have a huge amount of experience with decorative foils and laminates and add these materials to many products, including bicycle helmets, composite doors and more. Quality is carefully monitored to ensure we meet the needs of our clients as successfully as possible.

Our service stands out because we give our clients the freedom to be as creative as they want to be. We have a huge range of foils and laminates to choose from, so it is possible to select something completely unique. The materials we use come from reliable, established manufacturers so you can always expect great quality. If you need help with designs, we can be on hand to guide you and offer suggestions.